Privacy Policy
We do not disclose your personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

Order Cancellation Policy
1. No transaction fee refunds. ( is a charge that a business has to pay every time it processes a customer’s electronic payment.)
2. Order Cancellation within 2 days after payment confirmed, 3% cancellation fee will be deducted.
3. Order cancellation within 5 days after payment confirmed, 10% cancellation fee will be deducted.
4. No Refunds on shipped package.

Return Policy
1. Goods has to be returned within 14 days after the date Triches Treasure Chest confirm;
2. Keep the merchandise originally packed as it’s received from China not affecting resell the merchandise.
3. Signature from the receiver is a must to avoid package missing or stolen;
4. We’ll refund the customer after we receive the returned package and check it’s in good condition for reselling.
5.Put a note in returning a package with the following information
A.order group
B. Returning reason
C. Returning qty

Return Policy for Airpods
1.) Airpods pro:
Malfunction Airpods pro within 14 days after receiving the package is subject to replacement.
No refund on Airpods pro.

2.) Airpods gen2 UA

Malfunction Airpods gen2UA within 14 days after receiving the package is subject to replacement.
For AirPods gen2 UA exceeding 90 days, replacement is not available but subjected for fixing in our warehouse.
No refund on Aripods gen2 UA

3.) Airpods gen2 1:1
No aftersales service not refund.

Apple Watch Policy.
1.) No refunds on apple watches.
2.) Only repair and no replacement for watches.
2.) Returned for repair is within 14 days for functional defects only. After 14 days, the company is not liable for the issues on the watches.

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