Risk Declarations

To our valued clients:

About order for designer items—once the merchandise you ordered from Triches Treasure Chest company been handed to the shipping company and a tracking number is provided, Triches Treasure Chest will not be held liable for the safety of goods being delivered by the shipping company. Once customers pay and the payment is delivered to the supplier, customers take all risks of designer items being lost by the shipping company, mishandling, or being seized by customs inspections.

2.For other items, we will compensate you with a 20% discount on your next order with the same category and same price.

  1. SIZE

For shoes, we always follow the euro size. About the other concern for cloth and shoes. Once an order has been confirmed, it should be considered final. The company does not take responsibility for any wrong sizes once received. If in any case you really need to change the size, please mail the wrong size goods to our email address at your own cost.

Additional information, the customer will be the one to pay the shipping fee for the right size from the factory.

  1. QUALITIES The quality of the products is reasonable for the prices that the customer has paid. Cancellation of orders is allowed based on our company policy, for other options customers may upgrade the quality of the products to either ORIGINAL or AUTHENTIC QUALITY. Hence, pay the difference before shipping the products. Furthermore, if all orders are confirmed by the customer the company is not liable for any mistakes unless it’s company negligence.


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